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County Teams

2018 A Team Fixtures

A team Practice Matches

Course Result
Sunday March 18th-cancelled due to weather Cheshire A v Derbyshire Ladies Breadsall Priory
Sunday March 15th Cheshire A v Wilmslow Men Wilmslow W6/2
Sunday April 8th Cheshire A v Cheshire Union Wilmslow L 1.5/10.5
Sunday April 22nd Cheshire A v CCSLGA Ringway L2/6
Sunday 13th May Cheshire A v Delamere Men Delamere L2/6

County Match Week 2018 - Huddersfield

Team Selected


Monday 18th June Cheshire v Northumberland W6/3
Tuesday 19th June Durham v Cheshire Half
Wednesday 20th June Cheshire v Lancashire W5.5/3.5
Thursday 21st June Cheshire v Cumbria L3.5/5.5
Friday 22nd June Yorkshire v Cheshire W5/4

County Match Points Game Points Result/Placing
Yorkshire 8 29 1
Cumbria 8 24 2
Cheshire 7 24.5 3
Northumberland 3 21 4
Durham 3 19 5
Lancashire 1 17.5 6

Photo Gallery 2018

2017 A Team Fixtures

A Team Practice Matches 2017


Course Result
Sunday 12th March Cheshire v Derbyshire Ladies Alsager W3/1
Sunday 19th March Cheshire v Wilmslow Men Wilmslow Cancelled
Sunday 2nd April Cheshire v CCSLGA Eaton W5/3
Sunday 9th April Cheshire v Cheshire Union Vicars Cross Halved
Sunday 30th April Cheshire v Delamere Men Delamere Forest W4.5/3.5

2017 Photo Gallery

County Match Week 2017 - Morecambe

Monday 19th June Cheshire v Northumberland W 5/4
Tuesday 20th June Cumbria v Cheshire

W 5.5/3.5

Wednesday 21st June Durham v Cheshire W 5.5/3.5
Thursday 22nd June Cheshire v Lancashire L 3.5/5.5
Friday 23rd June Cheshire v Yorkshire L 2.5/6.5

County Match Points Game Points Result


22 3
Cumbria 2 18.5 4
Durham 0 13.5 5
Lancashire 4 28.5 2
Northumberland 1 16.5 5
Yorkshire 5 36 1

Scoring 1 for win, ½ for halved matches, 0 for lost match

Winner: The County with the highest number of points are the Champions

In the event of a tie on points:  the highest number of games won within the Matches decides The Winner.

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