Cheshire County Ladies Golf Association Ltd



Year Name Club
1949-1960 Mrs Temple Dobell  Bromborough GC
1961-1963  Mrs M. Griffiths Ringway GC 
1964-1966 Mrs B.W. Heaton       Delamere Forest GC
1967-1969 Mrs E. Earnshaw  Stockport GC 
1970-1972 Mrs G. Brown Heswall GC
1973-1975 Mrs M.I. Valentine  Ringway GC 
1976-1978  Mrs W.D. Armstrong  Heswall GC
1979-1980 Mrs M. Burton Mere G.& C.C. 


Year Name Club
1981-1982  Mrs D. Lyall Heswall GC
1983-1984  Mrs D. Fontes Mere G & CC
1985-1986  Miss B. Lloyd  Wirral Ladies GC
1987-1988  Mrs J. Edmondson Wallasey GC
1989-1990  Mrs M. Allinson  Stockport GC
1991-1992  Mrs C. Comboy OBE Delamere Forest GC
1993-1994  Mrs A. Royle  Bramall Park GC
1995-1996  Mrs B.M. Frazer  Caldy GC
1997-1998  Mrs G.S. Bridge  Delamere Forest GC
1999-2000  Mrs J. Heald Wilmslow GC
 2001-2002  Mrs D. Turner Sandiway GC
 2003-2004  Miss H. Lyall Delamere Forest GC
 2005-2006  Mrs P. Shennan Royal Liverpool Ladies
 2007-2008  Mrs S. Bennett Sandiway GC
 2009-2010  Mrs J. Hughes Delamere Forest GC
2011-2012  Mrs S. Graveley  Wilmslow GC
2013-2014 Mrs E Wilson Stockport GC
 2015-2016  Mrs R Whitehead  Delamere Forest GC
2017-2018 Mrs J Wainwright Ringway GC
2019-2020 Mrs S Day Heswall GC
2021- Mrs W Taylor The Wilmslow GC


Year Name Club
2021 Mrs F Gell Bramhall GC
2020 Mrs F Gell Bramhall GC
2019 Mrs J Bell Royal Liverpool GC
2018 M/s S Eardley Wilmslow
2017 Mrs B Baird Vicars Cross GC
2016 Ms P Latham Caldy GC
2015 Mrs M Scowcroft Delamere Forest GC
2014 Mrs P Clegg Wilmslow GC
2013 Mrs L Foster Bramhall GC
2012 Mrs H McNeil Heswall GC
2011 Miss W Heath Hale GC
2010 Mrs M Griffiths Ringway GC
2009 Mrs J Leary Royal Liverpool Ladies GC
2008 Mrs S Wilson Sandiway GC
2007 Mrs P Draper Chorlton-cum Hardy GC
2006 Mrs M Jamieson Ringway GC
2005 Mrs K Schneider Caldy GC
2004 Mrs W Taylor Wilmslow GC
2003 Mrs B Page Wilmslow GC
2002 Mrs S McC. Day Heswall GC
2001 Mrs S M Barrett Sale GC
2000 Mrs J M Wainwright Ringway GC


Year Course Winner
2020 Not Held
2019 Royal Liverpool  Miss I Wardle
2018 Wilmslow Miss I Wardle
2017 Vicars Cross Miss L Jamieson
2016 Caldy Miss L Jamieson
2015 Delamere Forest Miss A Cowlard
2014 Wilmslow Miss E Goddard
2013 Bramhall Miss E Goddard
2012 Heswall Miss N Lowe
2011 Ringway Miss N Lowe
2010 Delamere Forest Miss K Whitmore
2009 Royal Liverpool Miss K Whitmore
2008 Sandiway Miss R Goodall
2007 Wallasey Miss S Farrer
2006 Ringway Miss N Podmore
2005 Caldy Miss N Podmore
2004 Prestbury Miss N Podmore
2003 Wilmslow Miss S Beardsall
2002 Heswall Miss S Beardsall
2001 Sale Miss R Adby
2000 Ringway Miss O Briggs

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