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Junior Captain 2021

Siobhan Grayson from Ringway Golf Club is the Junior Captain 2021

I’m honoured to have been selected as Cheshire Girls Captain this year.  In a year when opportunities to play have been reduced, I am really keen to encourage as many girls as possible playing in the county and wider events.

I have been involved with Cheshire for 8 years.  Playing in the county is a great experience and gives great opportunities to play in all sorts of events and locations.  These vary from short course beginner events for new starters, through to play at world class venues.

When I first started I remember Barbara and my parents walking round while I was playing 6 hole competitions.  We then started playing with the rabbits and I remember winning the Cheshire Cat when we played away in Wales.

I have also been away with the County for the Jamboree for 3 years.  This was a great experience being part of the team and building friendships within the county that we still have.

Finally, I ended up playing in the full competitions and have played on fantastic courses such as Royal Liverpool for the county events, which wouldn’t have happened without the county.

The county also provides brilliant subsidised coaching again at various levels so that those that want to progress are supported.  This can make a great difference to anyone. 

The overriding ethos of the County is how welcoming they make everyone feel and I want to ensure that I continue to show that warmth to all.  This is the tone set by all the volunteers that run the section, and I thank them all.

So what do I want to do to encourage more? 

There are lots of opportunities to play junior opens all round the country.  I want to encourage you all to explore these and have a go.  Last year I played in St Andrews Junior Open, and there would have been more of us this year but for the cancellation due to Covid.  

I also want to encourage all of the girls to challenge their clubs to recognise junior golfers as real players, and allow them to enter the Ladies competitions.  I won the Mixed Knockout at my club Ringway this year, and two of the other majors were also won by Junior Girls.  However some clubs still won’t allow juniors to enter the competitions. I also won the Margaret Sangster Salver this year – a Cheshire Ladies Event.  So one of my jobs I see is to try to encourage you all to go for it, and help bring about this positive change – enter, see what happens!

Junior Champion 2019

 Imogen Williamson from Delamere Forest Golf Club is the Cheshire Junior Champion 2019

County Junior Organiser

Sybra Eardley

County Welfare Officer

Alison Green is the newly appointed Welfare Officer for Cheshire County.

Alison plays at Sandiway Golf Club and has a wealth of knowledge about safeguarding and child protection, having had a professional career in the police service and within national inspection programmes where her core specialism was in this area.

Working with the County Governance Committee Alison is available to provide advice, support and guidance in regard to all safeguarding matters.

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Please contact her at

07385 845826

All junior girl members of Cheshire County affiliated clubs now pay a per capita levy and therefore are full members of the Cheshire County Ladies Golf Association and can play in all the competitions run by the association.

Girls under 18 years on January 1st are also eligible to play in Junior Competitions.

Age related trophies are based on the players age on January 1st .

Ties will be decided on last 9, 6, 3 or 1 hole(s) and then over the first nine holes using the same formula.

Competitors may not take more than one prize in the same event, except that the Champion may also take the under-16 and the under-14 trophies, and the winner of the under-14 trophy may also take the under-16 trophy. In the event that someone wins more than one trophy, the lesser prizes will be re-awarded to the next in line.

Gross score takes precedence in the Championship, and the handicap score takes precedence in all other competitions.

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